During the last 5 years i traveled most of the time through Europa, meeting and working with an amazingly number of astonishing human beings. 

Lucky me i was able to catch some of this moments to share them with you.


Gretamania (c) Neal McQueen 2019 

Greta Thunberg arriving in the morning with the night train from Lisboa at the train station in Madrid to attend to the COP25. About 50-60 members of the international media went absolutely mental, acting like teenage girls facing their favorite music star. She stayed in the train for a longer while. Only an even bigger crowd of police was able to get her out of the train and escort Greta to her next ride. The press pretty much acted like a hungry mob out of controll not showing any kind of respect for a young girl with special needs. Even if this must have been like a horror scenario for an Asperger autist like her, squeezed by strange people, you can spot the pure determination in her eyes.

Greta Thunberg 

Sustainable Santa 

Ulrich Schreiber   

Johnny de Mol 

Selwyn Senatori

Amy Goodman 

Robert Menasse 

Martin Gretschman

aka Acid Pauli & Console

Elif Shafak 

Srećko Horvat

Ken Loach 


Ai Weiwei



Srećko Horvat & Pamela Anderson


Louisa Neubauer

Fridays for Future 

Caterina di Fazio



Gemma Atterton 

Douglas Gordon

Yanis Varoufakis

Pio d`Emilia

Jamie Oliver