Global War 1 






Let us call this baby by its real name: 


This is Global War 1


The climate emergency is the war which will affect every living being on this planet in the near future and will change and shape the face of our planet.


It is up to us if this will be another violent war with all its consequences or the first major war fought with wisdom, awareness, empathy, intelligence and love combined with an incredible amount of technological and scientific knowledge. 


No matter which one of the ways we choose, this will be the defining war of our and most other currently living species on this little spaceship.




Why branding our struggle as war?


Fun fact: 


In times of war nations and a majority of the population seems to have no problem at all addressing up to 50% of GDP and more to fight it,

to invest in the needed infrastructure, the needed technology, the propaganda machine to spread the message and so on. In this times the people keep their personal needs low while willing to adjust and even sacrifice for the common cause.

It is a mind set.

It worked in history over and over again. 


The money we need is there anyway, it is just spend on the wrong shit.

Like the trillions of € every year in subsidiaries for the fossil fuel industry and what is still called the military-industrial complex. Subsidiaries that the taxpayers have to pay for the profits of this outdated industry. Again, trillions every year. The fact that most of the capital in the global markets is used for pure money gambling to enrich a small elite and not for investments in the greater good. 

We need to harvest that capital and use it for the transition. 


Lets assume we still have functional democracies. 

Than lets assume we still have the power of law. 


Regulation is the key on this level. Thats directional power to adjust what is possible for the market players. 

In the end this whole thing is a mind blowing crazy debate. If the science call out for decades that certain products kills us, destroys the only spaceship to travel through space we have on hand, including most of the biodiversity on it, and other sustainable technologies are market ready and developed 40 years ago, 


why in motherships name it is still in the market or even legal?






When we found out that lead empoison our water and us, we made the stuff illegal to use on most levels and exchanged the tubes. 







Will the state level in charge in our democracies apply new rules, laws and regulations to outlaw fossil fuel? 


Very, very unlikely. 


Will the owners stop the fossil fuel industry? Will the finance industry stop to invest trillions of € in this segment every year? 


This is even a silly question. Of course not. Business as usual. Profit as long as possible. Greed over sanity.





So If the underlying operating system is fixed too many times and completely out of date, what to do: 


Write and instal a new one, fresh code. 


System restart.


We need a new operating system to fight GW1



One of the main reason why we experience all this problems is that the current system is in favor of:



money, power, ego, fame, appreciation and again money. 


It is an ego driven culture and it is at its core antisocial and corrupted. 

It is a cage that keeps you unhappy to be a good consumer.


What we do have is a lot of incredible smart and compassionate minds and hearts with us on the mothership called earth.


We need to create an assembly with our best people to work out the outline of a new operating system within the next 6 month.


There is no time to loose anymore.


It is indeed an Utopian task, but if we are not ready for it now, i very much doubt we will have another chance. We should leave alone old ideas. We can learn from them and their mistakes, but none of the old political ideas will be able to be the base of where we need to be go now.


The transition to a cooperative owned and environmentally sustainable economy. The ending of the devastating monetary inequality. The ending of cultural domination of aboriginal tribes and the preserving of the last pristine nature, the establishing of a fundamental right for the earth and all life ob it, to preserve it and all of its inhabitants. The strict regulation of the private and finance sector.

An education system that carries the core values to the generations to come must be all a basic part of this Utopia. 


Values matter 


If you live by them they will have consequences.


So assuming we still have a functional democracyand the rule of law


we will also need to elect a complete new „elite“ into the system. People that are aware about the situation, capable and willing to make the transition. Compassion should and must be a leading feature of these people. We should not waste our time with more careerist and psychopath. We had that model for centuries and it never worked out well for too many people and definitely not for the environment.


We need to get rid of this very unhealthy structures. 


A loving way would be to just send this old elites into retirement since they clearly fucked it up, pay them well enough to not worry anymore, if they wont have enough fortune already, and help them to keep out the game, to not interfere with the upcoming transition. If they truly decide to be part of the transition and of any help, let them, but do not trust them all too much.


If we do not use this transition and integrate a new way of life, how we treat each as social beings in all our diversity, including all life on this little pearl spinning through open space around the nearest star, if we do not adjust the values of our existence, we are simply wasting our time on this fight. If we do no change radically our ways we will loose this war.






We need to learn and practice respect, compassion, love and humbleness for all life on this one spaceship. We only live here as species because the world around us gave the humans the needed environment to evolve. It does not really look like most of us have been much obliged about it lately, or even in the last 5000 years. 





If this would be a hotel, most of us would have been kicked out in a spectacularly high arc centuries ago. 


We need to address greed as a main problem.


We need to teach our kids the values of love, compassion, respect and humbleness. 


We have to teach them to take care of each other and that life

is not about winning, property and consuming, not about money.


The nothing that you want to fill when you are greedy is the lack of social connection and the mindset of money as the one religion.



Life is about growing and feeling connected. 



We need a new operating system to fight GW1



Let us create the one we need













Global War 1 Manifest
GW1 Manifest-Public.pdf
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